Thursday, July 7, 2011

A 10 year dream come true!

In July 2001 I was sitting in the Cheesecake Cafe in Victoria. Back then the Tour wasn't covered on OLN on Versus. I was a starving grad student so I didn't have cable anyway. I was trying to get all the riders right in my head, being relatively new to cycling. It was the evening after Stage 7 and a rider named Jens Voigt had just put on the yellow jersey, taking it from his teammate Stuart O'Grady. This would be for only a single day before giving it back in one of the largest time gaps a breakaway would gain in recent history. Pretty exciting stuff!

I was chatting (or 'talking at') my best friend about the Tour and how cool it was (I couldn't convince him) when the waiter piped up about how amazing a 22min time gap was and how Stuey would be in the yellow for quite some time now. Wicked !! I ended up talking to the waiter more than my buddy that night.

Since that evening, having read the text updates on the stage (and slowly coming to grips with how rad Jens was!) I have always thought how intense and amazing it would be to watch these guys live. To experience the speed, grandeur, pain, and elation all at once.

10 years later.... I am doing it! Marilyn and I fly to Limoux, France on July 13th and will be ON (yes... standing ON) the Col du Tourmalet watching the racers on Thurs July 14th for Stage 12. Holy crap !! I can't believe it is happening. I will also be watching the Stage 14 mountain top finish on Plateau de Beille and I will be the guy making a fool of myself trying to get Jens' signature at the Stage 15 sign on in Limoux.

Below is the Google Earth rendering of the Tourmalet .. make sure to be watching the stage and see if you can spot me running beside Ryder, Wiggens, and the Shlecks !!

I want to be wearing something distinctive and I recently lent out my Borat green speedo, does anyone have a T-shirt that is a pure Canadian Flag, or do you think I should wear my STC kit? That would be cool too eh?

Anyway guys, I hope to bring back tons of great stories and lots of wicked video for the spin classes.



mdjoss said...

Super pumped for you guys. You're going to have a blast. Just don't get too close to the riders. Don't want to see you taking out Jens, Andy or Ryder on the Tourmalet like the German cameraman did to Guiseppe Guerini on Alp d'Huez in the '99 Tour.

Safe travels and enjoy the riding.

cyclingphysio said...

Rock the STC for sure, what an awesome sight that would be. I'll be watching like a hawk, good for you guys. That is so Rad!!!


Clarke E said...

If you wear the red kit it might be more distinct and easier to spot. Plus you can show off that you were part of the top road racing team in Alberta, a world renowned honour I'm sure!

running_on_ice said...

Very cool Trev! Have fun. I'll be watching for you. The kit would be awesome to see on the side of the Tourmalet!

Robert said...

Bib Shorts. Only your Bib Shorts.

mdjoss said...

And hike them up 'euro style'.

MelodyS said...

Sweet! What a rare opportunity! I vote you wear the STC kit.

Harley Borlee said...

hope you two have a trip of a life time!!! I think you should wear bib sorts with a TT helmet on and paint the Maple Leaf on your arms, legs back and chest! Be proud to be Canadian and show the world Canadian cyclists KICK ASS!

Dennis said...

That's awesome! Tourmalet is a great climb and the Pyrenees should have nice weather. Get as much of the free swag you can from the promotional vehicles that will go through before the riders arrive.

It's amazing how fast these riders are, even at the top of an HC climb. If you get a chance, watch a flat stage as well... there is nothing quite like the sound of 190+ bicycles going past you at 55 km/h... and chatting with each other like it's no big deal.

Anonymous said...

I saw you guys in the village of Tourmalet, on the right side of the road, Marilyn in rain jacket and ST shorts - didn't notice Trev but Jens was leading the peleton so Trev might have fainted.

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