Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stampede Road Race

Here is a note from Stampede Road Race's RD:

"The Stampede Road Race needs riders. We need to triple the number of registrations to effectively hold the race. We have made all the preparations so we really want to put this on.
Registration will remain open until Friday BUT, we will make a Go/No Go decision end of business Wednesday. Please don't delay and sign up now.
Thanks and safe training.
Robert Armstrong"


Reinier said...

I'm in! Master A.

First year doing this race, how does it work with Master A vs. Elite?

I see some big names registered in Master A right now that would've thought should be in elite.
Do they combine the two at the start?

Unknown said...

I just emailed with Rob the organizer. Will be up to the Chief Comms discretion whether or not Elite and Master A start together. For events of this kind, if your Under 30 you have to race as Elite. I don't really agree with having this kind of race in Alberta but I get what they are trying to do. Sadly our numbers (racers) in Alberta are on the small side, and telling new riders who want to race that you have to race Elite can be tough. If they end up putting Elite and Master A together there is no doubt that you would have someone to ride with. My bet would be that they do this due to low numbers. I hope more people sign up but really, if they can't get at least 100 people signed up total they should cancel in my eyes.


Thomas said...

Masters categories are age based not ability.

Anyone 30 and over is considered a "Masters" racer. When a 30+ racer is applying for their license each year they have the option to race as an "Elite" or "Master".

"New" racers don't have to race "Elite" only ones who are under 30 and 30+ riders who have opted for an "Elite" license.

Reinier said...

Any reason they can't do these races the way running or triathlon events are structured?

One or two distances to choose from, mass start with all involved.
If there are way too many racers then wave starts per age group.

Seems to make the races so much more inclusive and less intimidating to new/casual riders.

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