Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wednesday Night Series August 3rd - It's Our Turn

Speed Theory members get great training and racing benefit from this series. Those of you who race on Wednesday night also know how much fun this can be. Well it's our turn again to organize the August 3rd race. Along with Jami and Crankmasters we had selected a circuit/crit course for this race. The course is a 2.5 km circuit just south of Lower Springbank Road, across from Morgans Rise between Range Road 31 and Morgans Road. Its a new estate development with no houses yet. We have been using part of the circuit for the sprint series the past couple of weeks.

Here's the catch - I will be away for the next 9 days and won't be back for the race. So in addition to looking for a few volunteers we need someone to organize the event. It really does not take much to organize a WNS race, just show up early, ride or drive the course, sign up the racers and organize a few volunteers. This circuit will need a few people to show up early and sweep a few sections of pavement that have construction gravel, should not take more than 10 minutes to do.

Jami has set up the series such that we alternate time trials, road races and sprints etc. If however you are not up to organizing the circuit race, feel free to put on a road race anywhere you like. So make my day and post a comment that you can organize the event. Speed Theory really needs to do this, we have no hesitation in showing up in large numbers to race so let's give back. I'll organize another of the series when I get back as we had committed to take on 3 races this season.


Anonymous said...

Mike, I can help with the Crit. The course is perfect but there is the odd car that goes through there.
It's about 3.5 minutes per lap for me in full wheeze mode. But I'm old and slow so it will be faster.

With the potential for traffic, we need volunteers at each corner for sure.

Steve P said...

I'll also be there to lend a hand, and to show up early to sweep some corners.

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