Monday, July 11, 2011

Volunteer guide for our flagship event.

Alright, it is time to start getting even more organized for our Aug. 6th and 7th awesome cycling weekend. We are holding:

Provincial ITT Championships: Sat. morning Aug. 6th
Downtown Calgary Criterium: Sat. evening Aug. 6th
Bergen Hills Boiler Road Race: Sunday Aug. 7th

Last year, it was so great to see our club come together and offer a truly first class event. We are getting to be pros at this stuff!

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN STC MEMBER TO VOLUNTEER !! If you missed volunteering for your club's event, or simply want to help out, then sign up!!

Here are the rules: I would like all club members to have the opportunity to race in at least 1 or 2 of the events. So that means that you can volunteer for the other one or two. Many people last year, just enjoyed the atmosphere of the weekend and volunteered for all three events, that was great.

If you want to race in the Omnium (all three), then you need to provide a family member or friend to volunteer in your stead.

Our most public event is the Criterium and the easiest to volunteer for. Unless you are Cat5 (you race first), you can help with course setup and the Kids Crit, and then the Cat5's can take over some of the duties for the rest of the evening once their race is over. The club really gelled last year at this event and acted as a single unit and it was totally inspiring to see.

The most stressful (hard to fill) positions I would like to see filled soon, so I can sleep at night are:

1.) Co-Race Director to be the 'go to' person while I am away July 12th - 25th and then to help me in the lead up to the race.
2.) The cars we need for the Road Race on Sunday.
3.) A handy dude with a truck and a trailer hitch to spell off Carl our super volunteer. If we had two people, his work would be greatly reduced.

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: Go to this document. Scan it. You will see lots of '??' inside the document. Find one or two or three that suit you and then fill in your FULL name (or your volunteer's name) with name, cell phone number.

If you are signing up someone else, do it like this:
?? turns into Brenda Lennox 403-589-2901 (Marilyn's Mom)

Thanks guys!



Carl Miiller said...

Sorry Team,
Carl (and his truck) are away that weekend on a family camping trip.

Good luck with the race!

Trev said...

Guys, we need to find about 4 guys to replace Carl.

Carl, have a great time in Jasper!


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