Monday, July 11, 2011

Stampede Road Race 2011.

I think it is safe to say that all of us guys, with the exception of Handsome Rob and The Big Brad Wolfe, would prefer this to be the public face of STC!

This was taken yesterday just before the women entered the battle field. Great job yesterday! Jenn Joss got second overall, out-kicking breakaway companion Sherri MacDonald on the final straight away. Congrats to Tanya Hopping (Niklas Group) for becoming the 2011 Women's Masters Provincial Champion.

As for the Men's Masters A field. STC had a massive showing, which was awesome to see. It was great being able to ride with our cyclists from all Cats and I look forward to this race every year. I got ejected from the front breakaway group when Brian Robinson (Cyclemeisters) unleashed an attack my legs couldn't handle and I solo'd it in behind the winning 4. Jeff Proche (ERTC) outsprinted Craig D. (Cyclemeisters) and an RMCC powerhouse Eric Jensen. Congrats Jeff, that was a great 5 laps!

If anyone else has photos from the race or other stories then definitely pipe up!



Robert said...

After getting kicked off the back on the second lap I have never suffered so hard to finish last.

Look forward to doing it next year.

Darryl said...

Me, I'm oh for two in the Stampede RR. This time I choose an inopportune time to be riding near the front. Dude ahead of me decided he didn't want to ride anymore, he was more interested in asphalt surfing. He took down the guy right in front of me, who formed a fantastic launching pad.
When the dust had cleared and my bike was pseudo-rideable again it was to late to continue with what was, up until then, an excellent race.
Bike's in the shop, I'm eating ibuprofen. Bummer

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