Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sometimes, Losing Pays Off

First of all, I have an announcement to make. I am proud to say that as of right now, I am the worst male cyclocross racer in Alberta. Today was the Collective Cross, put together at the last minute by the fine folks at Midweek Mayhem and Veloplzen. Now, as most of you know, my 'cross skills are a little, um, lacking (and that's probably an understatement), so I managed to over-brake in all the corners, screw up all the left turns, and poorly remount to a 30th place finish. Out of 30 finishers. In the Sport class.

But, much to my surprise, my "efforts" did not go unrewarded. A DFL prize in the form of liquid medicine can make a lot of embarrassment go away.

Secondly, a word of advice: don't challenge Marcy to a duel. She may appear all sweet and unassuming on the outside, but on the inside, the competitive fire burns and burns hot. Here's the context.

Saturday was the now-famous Dark Knight Cross, put on by Cyclemeisters, and if you missed it, you missed the funnest race of the year. Now, Marcy and me have gone head to head at Midweek Mayhem a couple of times, and we were in the same category for the DK. Just before the race began, I announced my goal for the race: stay ahead of Marcy. Bad mistake. Marcy proceeded to work me over the entire race. It wasn't even close. Kudos to Marcy.

In amendment to Darcy post above, the photo below sums up my experience at the Dark Knight Cross. [Thomas]


Trev said...

Dude, you are better than all the people that didn't show up! The fact that you come out and give it a real go is all that matters and what is cool. One day you'll turn left and the whole crowd will go nuts !!


Steve P said...

Try saving the prime minister of Malaysia to help your left turns...

That was totally an awesome . I entered in the 'B' category this year. Although I had an excellent start, every time I hit that damn sand pit I got a cramp in my side. I would end up working it off throughout the lap, but it would come back with a vengeance every time I had to run... My body isn't made to work that way! It was fun chasing that dude in the banana costume the entire time. I had this going through my head: "you can't let something from the freaking produce department beat you!"

Got some photos and vids from my cheapo camera: Google Drive link

Ryan Kennedy said...

I spent most of Dark Knight sideways/inverted. My CX tactics need some work.

Rick C said...

Whatever you do, don't lose that trademark remount! No kidding - I like your style - you have one.

Lawrence Zalasky said...

Darcy - I can't say definitively that you are faster than me, but as I have never tried cyclocross (despite having owned a CX bike for 6 years) I can say that there is a 99% (+/- 1%) chance that you are faster than me.

At least you're out there.

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