Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another awesome JayLap in the books!

Start of the first heat of the Kids Crit!  Possibly one of the coolest photos you've ever seen?

Well, our club pulled off a super event again this year! The Criterium is definitely a highlight on most Albertan Cyclists calendars.

We will make this post a collection of photos and stories and results from the weekend.

Isaac and Reiner going through corner 3 in Cat 3.
The women going through corner 1.
Masa Higuchi has some super shots of the Crit here. Thank you Masa and his wife.

Ken Anderson spent the entire evening taking awesome shots as well! They are here.

Luke Tymoski was out for a walk and took some great shots when he happened upon a bike race! They are here.

Results from the ITT here.
Results from the Crit here.
Results from the Road Race here.


Emily said...

There seems to be a password for some of the Ken Anderson pictures...?

aztrpt said...

Yeah, it looks like a couple of the galleries are still locked. It would be great to be able to see them!

Trev said...

Ken passworded the kid's one just so they aren't all over the net. I just emailed you the password. If you are a parent or interested in looking at them, shoot me an email.

Ken was nice enough to separate all the STC shots out for us! The password for the STC gallery is: doctrine

They are some great shot eh?


Reinier Paauwe said...

Great photos! Trev can you send me the password for the kid's crit too?

Clarke E said...

I'm uploading a video of Prairie Roubaix to Youtube. It's edited down, but is still 20 minutes long...it includes the entire first section of gravel where we broke apart the B/C peloton.


Clarke E said...

Whoops, failed at uploading. The video will be here:


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