Monday, August 12, 2013

Prairie-Roubaix Top 5 results for each category.

Congratulations for the 2013 Prairie Roubaix winners in each category. It was a perfect day for racing and the volunteers enjoyed some great racing. The Ambulance attendants were thoroughly bored and unused, which is the hope of every race director!

Cat C:
1.  Adam Zinatelli
2.  Alan Oickle
3.  David Stringer
4.  Suchaet Bhardwaj
5.  Andres Perdomo

Cat B:
1.  Brian Kozak
2.  Erik Cramer
3.  Alison Jackson
4.  Clarke Ellis
5.  Glenn Miles

Cat A:
1.  Dustin Andrews
2.  Colin Croston
3.  Geoff MacDonald
4.  Fraser Mills-Connery
5.  Chris Taylor


Clarke E said...

Hey Trev, Alison actually beat me on Sunday. She and Alan caught me on Willow Way on the final lap and put in a big dig to make sure i couldn't latch onto their wheels.

Great race weekend, thanks for putting it on!

Trev said...

Thanks Clarke, good catch.


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