Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cyclocross Skills Practice

In cyclocross racing at least half of the battle is technique and bike handling skills. Tonight (Wed Aug, 14th) is the first of an informal series of clinics/practice for some basic cyclocross skills. We will be covering starts, dismounts/remounts, barriers, carrying the bike, off-camber cornering and more.

Cyclocross bikes are best, if you don't have one then mountain bikes are fine too. You will want to remove any extraneous attachments such as water bottle cages, racks, lights etc. You will need full access and mobility to your entire bike and these items will just get in the way.

I encourage all STC club members to come out if you have any inclining to try CX racing or just want to have a venue and people to practice with. 

Location: Ramsay School - (map)
Time: 6:45pm

Please comment if you are coming.

Now some video to get you primed

Quintessential CX compilation:

2013 CX World Championships:


aztrpt said...

I'll be there, this is just what I need! Thanks!

Marcy Kimpton said...

I'll see you there!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, thanks for organizing this! A bunch of us just bought new CX bikes in anticipation of these skill nights, however today is the last WNR in the series and there is beer involved! So can’t miss this one. Hopefully the CX skill practice nights will continue, in the weeks to come!

Thomas said...

@Dan - Understandable. With out totally committing myself at the moment these should be happening every Wednesday till at least racing starts. Stay tuned.

Trev said...

Awesome !! I am going to try to make these as well. I attended these last year and they were great learning experiences. If you are the least bit interested in CX (which most people should be!) then come out and soak up some of Thomas and Marcy's experience!


Lawrence Zalasky said...

I have an old cyclocross bike that's been gathering dust ever since road cycling took over. I think it's time it came out of retirement. I probably won't be able to make it tonight, but I'll definitely be at future sessions. Thanks for organizing Thomas!

Steve P said...

Can't make it this week Tom, but next week for sure!

Emily said...

I can't make it tonight as I already have plans, but I'll be there next week! I am excited for cyclocross to start this year, I had so much fun last year! I really encourage the newbies to jump in with both feet if you've been thinking about it. It is not as intimidating as road racing and it's more laid back. Also, it's a killer workout. Hope to see lots of ladies out there!

Ryan Kennedy said...

I'll try and make next weeks! Thanks for doing this Thomas.

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