Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Indoor Cycling Classes for the Off-Season

Club, I started my off-season indoor cycling classes 6 years ago as a way for the club to spend time together and train as a group while the ground was covered in snow. Over time, more and more cyclists of different abilities and motivations wanted 'in' to the classes. By the end of last year's off-season it had evolved into me holding 8 big classes a week. This year I have secured a dedicated space inside Speed Theory to create my own Computrainer Cycling Studio. I am pretty excited. Many of your club mates have used these classes over the years to advance their aptitude and ability on the bike. The group atmosphere and progression of the training sessions makes the indoor season motivating and productive. If you are interested in checking out what I am up to from October - April visit this link. I begin the renovations on Sept 4th and will be constructing the new studio over the subsequent 2 weeks to be ready for the temperatures to drop. If you want to pop by and witness the creation of the studio firsthand and talk to me about the training don't hesitate!

Hope to see a ton of you out for Marcy's Cyclocross Skills Night this Wednesday. Also, the best race series in town is the Midweek Mayhem CX Series on Wednesday Nights starting Sept 4th. If you want a super fun intro to CX racing, this is the series. I will be attending the first 5 of these for sure, it is one of the best times of the year.


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