Monday, August 5, 2013

Tour de Bowness! and now it's our club's chance to shine next weekend!!

Lisa Oldridge closing in on the top!  (Blake's photo)
Lots of exciting stories about Tour de Bowness to be had!

If you want to post your story about Tour de Bow here but don't have permission to post on this website, email me (at the email on the right) and I'll set you up.

Here are some great shots Blake took of the Hill Climb on Sunday night.

Calgary's resident awesome photographer and bike racer Masa Higuchi's also always captures great shots of Alberta racing.

Now it's OUR TURN !!  Next weekend is our chance to shine!

Marc and Dave mid-crit hitting a corner. (SpeedTheory's photo)

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Anonymous said...

More great shots of the Hill Climb, courtesy of my friend, Norm Rinne:
COP Hillclimb

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