Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Big Club Ride !! Sat. June 28th at 8:45am

For those not going to the Provincial Championships, let's all get together Saturday morning for a fun tradition we do with the club and friends!  Usually the TdF starts with a short Time Trial called a Prologue. It serves the purpose to establish a position of every rider, since the next several days are usually sprint stages and end in groups. It is usually around 5 - 9km. Last year, the Tour of Alberta started with the Prologue for example.

Last year we all met at the Timmies on 85th St. and 9th Ave and we rode down towards the Edge school by the small Airport. We have a course set up we have used on multiple occasions that is 6 km long and is usually with a tailwind and is predominately downhill !!

Let's meet at 8:45am and meander down to the course together. We will explain how it works and set everyone off one by one.

This is a casual affair and meant as much for a big club get together as it is for a solid interval. So don't be intimidated to come out.

If you don't feel like doing the 6km Interval but want to take part in the ride, that is totally cool too! and if you want to drive out there to cheer, we may get you on a clock for timing!

If you are NOT an STC member but like the sound of doing something cool on Sat morning, come out for sure as long as you belong to another ABA club! It would be cool to get several Crankmasters there!

See a lot of you Sat!  and if you are doing the Provincial Championships, GOOD LUCK !!


Erin Ruttan said...

After the 6k TT what is the distance/route of the ride?

Trev said...

The whole ride will be like 40 - 45km. If it is nice out, we will go into the roads that lead down to the river valley since they are awesome and were just paved. But it is not meant as a 'long' ride, more of a fun group ride. If I have time I will post some route options.

Erin Ruttan said...

I can fit that in between my packing!
I suppose I will not ride my TT bike like a jerk and instead ride my road bike.

Tiffany Painton said...

This sounds fun, i will be there. Ladies please come too, this will be my first ride with the club and if not i won't recognise anyone lol.

Emily said...

Derek and I will be there!

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