Friday, June 6, 2014

Sunday Big Group Ride

Sunday Group Ride

In lieu of Pigeon Lake being cancelled, I propose we have a spirited big group ride. We could, for example; send out the Cat 1/2/3s out on the loop for 4 laps and maybe 5 minutes later the 4/5/women for three laps. Or just one big group, depending on who shows up. 

Anyone else can join in and do a lap or two for fun and giggles. This way you can ride with similar category riders without waiting for the slower riders in a group setting.  We can recollect at the park for a confab after.

Meet at Brown Lowery Provincial Park (see the map) at 10:00 am.


Andres Perdomo said...

I'm in would be good for bike fest

Carl Miiller said...

Too bad about Pigeon Lake, but that sounds like a great plan. I'm in.

Carl M.

ECosman said...

I'm in - will be on Perdomo's wheel!

mikehealy said...

good plan tom, im in.

Trev said...

I'm in.

JennyT said...

I'm in! I will be on any wheel I can find!

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