Saturday, June 28, 2014

Clothing Order #2 and some STC inventory to get rid of.

I am about to unleash Clothing Order #2, however I have some jerseys, jackets, and shorts that have accumulated in my basement the last 2 years from me making a few mistakes while ordering. The club will fire sale these (mainly to get them out of my basement) and then I'll open up Clothing Order #2 a few days later.


OK, here is how we can do this. Here is a link to a shared document. If you want something shown, DO NOT change the quantity, just put your name in the column on the right. If there is more than one available, you can put your name more if you want more, or someone else can put their name in the next column. Also indicate what size you want, so people know it is spoken for. Please DO NOT change the values in the quantity columns!

UPDATE, I have the clothes down in The Engine Room.

I have the clothes down at The Engine Room with an envelope and you can pick up the clothes and put your cheque (made out to 'Speed Theory Cycling') or cash in envelope during store hours.



JennyT said...

Ok. My iPhone isn't allowing me to update the google doc and I wanna call shot gun on the small women's fleece jacket if that is ok?

JennyT said...

Hello Trev--annoying Jenn again. What does non-silicon shorts mean? Is that the elastic band ones? Thanks!!

Trev said...

Jenn, I will put your name on the fleece jacket. No problem, it is down there ready to pick up.

For the shorts, up until last year, the band that held the bottom of the legs down was a band of 'rubber elastic'. Lots of shorts are still like that. However, Champion System lets you get shorts with those little silicon dots now to hold the bottom down.

Erin Ruttan said...

Hey Trev,
Since I trashed my shorts on Tuesday I'm hoping you still have some of the unclaimed items available.
My phone also will not let me add to the doc but I would love to claim that pair of women's medium shorts as well as a hat.
I can come by whenever. Just let me know.
Thanks a bunch

AlanO said...

Picked up my clothes and put cash in the envelope.

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