Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Women's Learn to Race Intro Night

Jenn, Emily, and Sarah at June 4th's WNS TT
Hello ladies of STC!
My hope (as discussed at the AGM) was to hold a women’s learn to race weekend.  Due to injury I have not been able to put this together in as timely of manner as I had hoped.
Recently, my thought was to have as many new racers attend the ABA Learn To Race Seminar as possible and then hold a talk after this to discuss the idiosyncrasies of women’s racing in Alberta.
I see that this seminar has been removed from the ABA website.  With some really great races around the corner, I’m sure some of you are really excited to be ready for Devon GP or Stampede RR!

Here’s what I am proposing;
A night of info and Q&A for new racers who are keen to get going!

Tues June 17, 6-9pm at my house.

We will cover as much of the following as possible;
Types of Races (so much fun to choose from)
ABA Categories and what they mean to women racers
Basic Rules of racing
What to carry for racing
Drafting (Echelon, Peloton etc)
Pace lining (How to work with and for your teammates)
Etiquette and signals
Before the start line
Safety in racing
Attacks and bridging (what to do if you get dropped suddenly)
Finish sprint

Light refreshments and beverages of course are included and this is a no-charge clinic.  All I ask is that you come out and try at least 1 race!
Please RSVP in the comments section of this post for ONE of the dates… unless you really want to hang out and then by all means, RSVP for both!  
You can also contact me directly;
Hope to see some of you newbies out (and even some of you not-so-newbies, who are hoping for a refresher) ~Marie


Sarah Foster said...

I would be in for June 17!


Emily said...

The 17th works for me as well! Is this only open to STC members, or is it open to women who aren't on a team yet but are interested in racing?

Marie said...

Emily, since we are not actually riding for this particular evening, non-members are more than welcome. Perhaps they might consider joining after this! ;o)
I just need their names and emails. Send me an email,

Anonymous said...

Good for the 17th also! :)

JennyT said...

I'm good for the 17th as well! Thanks for offering this Marie. :)

Meghan B said...

FYI - Brent has previously mentioned he would be more than happy to host another learn to crit night if there is enough interest. Something to keep in mind.

Mark said...

Yes, Megan - I have heard. This would be a great opportunity to practice in a tight area. Something to discuss for sure at the meeting.

So the 17th it is. No riding, just info and hopefully some cool videos. Perhaps I will get creative with Power Point!

I will host it at my place since its a smaller group. We will also discuss an evening to practice together, as well as identify some key races that work for the women's team.

Email me at if you are even thinking of attending, and I will give you my address and cell # .
Looking forward to it!

Emily said...

FYI, Lisa and I met up with Marie for an impromptu 'Learn to Race' ride last night at it was EXCELLENT - women's race tactics are slightly different than mens and it was a great way to discuss and practice these skills in a controlled and safe environment! I strongly recommend all women racing this year (or even just interested but not committed) attend the ride you guys will organize at the meeting/discussion next week (which I can't attend now). It's a good add on to Harley's Thursday skills night, which I also highly recommend if you haven't attended one yet.

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