Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our very own Trev Williams wins Victoria Gran Fondo - The Doppio

It's only fitting that Trev won this, Victoria is where he first developed his love for riding.  The total event was 265KMs with the race portion covering 231kms of the event.  After the 231km mark it was a neutral ride into the city.  Trev covered the 231km's in 6:52:50 and what's interesting he did this with basically no time off the bike.   It's my assertion that he learned the technique of flying in and out of feed-stations/controls/rest stops while Randonneuring with the hardy men and women of Arizona.   Regardless, a very impressive feat given the terrain and a big congratulations to him.

It should also be mentioned that Markus Navikenas,  Scott Bratt, Nelson Whitmore finished the tough ride in 9:34 an impressive feat in itself.

You can see the results here Doppio



Cody Godlonton said...

Freakin' impressive Trev! Great job.

Ken Erdman said...

Trev is the most modest person I know. I ran into Trev this morning in Bumpy's Cafe and asked him:
" how did Saturday go in Victoria?" and he told me his time, which was amazing, but never added he was the first finisher in the Gran Fondo. I had no idea until I read the Blog tonight.
Way to go!

AlanO said...

Congratulations Trev

ECosman said...

Well done Trev!

mhoang9 said...

Nice one Trev!

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