Monday, June 2, 2014

Wheelers Ride going strong.

For those club members that are looking to learn from better cyclists and get in a great ride, the Wheelers Ride is going well already this Spring. There were 12 in attendance last Sat.  You can follow the link to the theory of the Wheelers ride up above, but the main points are that good cyclists (from any club) show up and get in a real warm up while showing less experienced riders (from any club) how to be safe and smart in a group, how to pace line, and real group etiquette. Then on Airport Road, there is a King of the Mountain right on the hump before the 22, so the pace will pick up when turning left by the Edge School. If you are a good rider, come out and get in a solid session, if you are a new / lower ability-level rider, come out and learn a few things from experienced cyclists. Once on Airport Road, try to stay with the higher ability cyclists as long as possible to learn real tactics, paces, gearing, and so on. Then when you're dropped, have a great ride through Cochrane and back to the Timmies parking lot with the others that were dropped and look forward next week.

I hope to be there this week if I am not racing Iron Maiden XC. So maybe see you there!


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