Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CrankMasters…Bruised, Battered but no DNF!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting but I needed some time to figure out how I could put a positive spin on a dreadful weekend of Stage Racing.

The final stage was a short ride of 160km with a total of four mountain passes. I had the misfortune of getting popped on the first pass and then soloing for the remaining 120 km to the end of the race as well as having the distinction of finishing absolute last. It wasn’t all bad as I had the sweep wagon tail me the whole distance and I had my very own cheering section and shouts of encouragements as I refused to DNF and continued riding the race. Needless to say but my position on the GC plummeted to near basement status!!!

Unfortunately Mike popped on the second pass and he to soloed in the rest of the way to finish the race.

Twelve riders DNF this stage!!

It was a tough race but well organized and the people, the town and the other riders were great. I am already making plans for next year!!!

Final GC
Mike 41st at 10:35:13
James 45th at 10:52:21

Riders finishing all stages, 48. from 66 who started on Friday.


Rob said...

Well, I'm not a fluffy kind of person but there is a deeply honorable side to cycling and finishing a race no matter how tough it is falls in that category. Way to go boys, make no mistake about it, this is a victory of its own.

Anonymous said...

That sounds rougher than a TdeF mountain stage. Thats guts to solo a monster like that. Good work.


Anonymous said...

You gain experience in every race. It makes you stronger and more successful each time you race. Congrats for a solid effort, a safe race, and for the opportunity to share your experiences with your team, and other cyclists working towards their own goals!

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