Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Hey fellow Speed Thoerists, as my healing process hasn't moved along as quick as I would like I took the opportunity to take my camera and my fat a** down to the race. What a race it was, there were more ups and downs than a skinny kid on the teeter totter.

There were a couple of familiar faces to the Speed Theory nation. Ryan "Lunch Pail" Murray and Michael "Godfather" Godfrey. Both lads put in a great showing Mike in his standard 5th wheel position and no not the TV show, dude's married. Ryan was moving around from 2 spot to 8 spot with some excellent early patience.

It basically started out with some "prems" to get the lads ramped up and spastic over a hundred bucks. Well, it worked the speed got up there and the pack was looking as dodgy as dude selling knock offs on Canal St. I think it was about the 3rd "prem" when a Ryder from Bow Cycle had his back wheel slide out. Using his Right side as a magic carpet he slammed into the padded retaining wall that I was cowering behind. (I got a great pic of the tops of my shoes) As I stood up, I saw the rest of the guys making the corner and the tell tale sound of tires popping and the smell of dude from bow cycle's flesh burning. Then the next impact happened, this included the Godfather hitting the padded wall. At this point, I stopped watching as a flash back from June reminded me why I like my cruiser bike. Fortunately, the lads appeared to be okay. The "godfather" was out with flesh wounds and " lunch pail" was still lurking about 8 guys back.

At this point an independent decided to attack off the front, Ryan kept his position and let Team Bow Cycle and Team Bicisport take up the chase. 5 -7 laps later the attack was quelled only to have 2 BICI riders and another dude create a large gap from the pack. At this point, Ryan tried to get the guys in the pack to work together to bring the leaders back into the fold. No Dice! So, Ryan grabbed his lunch pail and went to work for the next 5-8 laps riding away from the disorganized pack and reeling in the leaders. I must say this was one of the more impressive efforts I've seen. Ryan stayed with it and finally caught the leader going into the bell laps. Coming into the crash corner Ryan was working the leaders over like a NARC at a Biker rally with 2 laps to go. Last lap came and Ryan was in great position sitting in forth spot coming into the incline on the back of the course. He narrowly missed the move by Bici sport and ended up taking third on the day. Ryan picked up some great PR from the commentators in regards to his big effort in catching the leaders. Another Great result for Team Speed Theory. Another Great result for Ryan "Lunch Pail" Murray

Well done Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rob said...

Ryan, that is awesome thank you for representing on Monday. Well done.
Ernie, this is a monster of a post. Keep kicking ass.

mgodfrey said...

Ernesto, Awesome account and yes there were some serious flashbacks to Pigeon Lake. Yet again the bike somehow escaped and serious damage but the helmet is toast. No ambulance ride this time and a new distribution of road rash. I think in the next Crit I will be able to ride all by myself, cause everyone will be worried about me hitting the deck. I swear this was not my fault!

Thanks for the great post I was laughing my ass off reading it!


Trev said...

Awesome post Ernie, I was wondering what you've been up to.

Ryan, nice work !! I chickened out of the crit and was happy I did when I saw the crash in the Cat 1/2 pack.

You must have enough points to hit Cat 4 now eh?

Ironernesto said...

Thanks Trev,

I've been laying low trying to take care of my concussion. I tried to get up and running too soon. So basically i bought a Electra Townie and have been enjoying laid back riding.


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