Saturday, August 18, 2007

Provincial RR in Red Deer next weekend

Any of the Speed Theory Cat 5's planning to do the Provincial RR next Sunday? James T & I did the one last year and it was plenty tough if this course is harder (as mentioned in the description on the ABA site) the race will be quite selective, so no big mass finish likely.

I am looking to drive up in the morning and will have room for at least one in my van.

The link to the write up on the ABA site is

You can register online at



Anonymous said...

hmmm, watch my do Ironman or race Provincial Champs.... I like my wedding tackle so I think I better go to Penticton. Good luck - last years' course was great (tough, but great).

A-Train said...

I hope to be there it just depends on work, as I will be down in Medicine Hat for two weeks because of it. If I can get back during the weekend then count me in.

Should know more once I talk to my boss on Monday.

A-Train said...

Okay, I'm in now. Boss gave the thumbs up

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