Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Provincials this weekend and Master Provincials Sept 9th.

Hey guys. I am planning on going up to Provincials with Alex and maybe Mike G. on Sunday morning. Post a comment here if you want to carpool with someone, or just let us know who is coming.

Sept. 9th is the Master's Provincials in Crossfiled (close). I will be competing, and I know some of you other old boys can too (over 30). I would like to volunteer again like we did before the Stampede RR and do the signs and course prep. Please leave a comment here if you can help out prior to the race and I'll sign us up for those duties.

Matt...good luck this weekend !!



Anonymous said...

Trev, first congratulations on your TransRockies result - friggin' awesome. Hope you are proud of that one!
I can't race this weekend (wife doing IMC), but will help with Masters if I can. I will let you know next week.

Paul C.

Carl Miiller said...

Good luck at the race guys. I'm tied up this weekend (and out of shape).


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