Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cat 5 Provincial Champion ..... Alex Shaw !!

Here he is.... on the top step of the podium!

Nice work dude !


Rob said...

Booyah! Congrats A-Train!

mgodfrey said...

Alex's feat deserves a bit more colour than just great job. I can offer an eyewitness account.

It was cold today, really cold and wet... an April Classics kind of feel, wet, mud everything. The kind of day that only a tough guy could win.

Alex played it super smart, sat toward the back of the group all day, biding his time letting everyone else tire themselves out, never giving any hint of the form his was hiding.

I would like to say that it was my long hard turn at the front that soften up the field, but I think that would a) be an exageration and b) just be a shameless way to hog some glory.

Shortly after I was pulled back Alex came up beside me and asked how I was doing. I knew what he meant, he was ready to go. And away he went, with about 6K to go and to my complete shock no one even twitched. They just let him go, and he kept going. The good news for me was I didn't have to do another pull the rest of the way, no way in hell I was helping anyone chase down the A-Train. By the time the group got it together for a chaotic sprint Alex was already across the line.

It was a super strong show of force, guts and great tactics. Alex was flat out a stud today and totally deserving of an epic win on a tough race day. Next time you see him buy him a beer and ask him to tell his story, he has earned it big time.


A-Train said...

A big shout out to Michael who did a ton of work on the front and showed just how strong he is.

Also a shout out to Trev who was very competitive today even though it's barely been a full week since the Transrockies.

Congrats to all particpants today for completing a tough ride, as the weather was not very kind.

Anonymous said...

And thanks for letting a newbie try and hang on for as long as possible, before finally getting dropped on the hill after the turn. It was a great learning experience. We'll see y'all at Masters.

Darcy Gullacher (a Crankmaster)

Carl Miiller said...

Congrats Alex! You've been workin' hard all season and deserve the podium.

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