Monday, August 20, 2007

Trans Rockies Final Results

The Final Results:
A brief 48km run into Fernie rounded out the 2007 Trans Rockies challenge. The racers were grateful as stage 6 proved to be hellish at best with only a handful of teams making it to the finish under 5:30 and many teams struggling for the 10 hour cutoff at 6pm.

That being said, this is not the Tour de France where the last day is ceremonial. No, the race continued right up to the line with the RockyEA duo fighting against the courageous Costa Ricans of La Ruta (I have been waiting all week to use that line). So how did our triumphant twosome fair on the final day? A rock solid 7th placeb on the day for Scheffer Andrew who finished the event placing in the top 10 almost every day. No small feat for a duo that certainly do not ride mountain bikes for a living. Hats off to Trev and Charlie for their courage and discipline in this most rugged event. I bet they show up in Penticton for IMC as a vacation.

Final GC:
Well, it really depends who you ask.
Velonews has the boys at fifth.
While the TR results have them at 6th. I have to be honest, it is really splitting hairs at this point. Finishing in the top 10 in their debut is such an outrageously successful result these guys are heroes. The reality is, most of the top teams ride for a living so to keep pace with them like Trev and Charlie is incredible. Congrats on an awesome race!

1 Tim Heemskerk (Can) / Roddi Lega (Can) United Cycle Team                                     24.39.23
2 Federico Ramirez (CRc) / Ivan Amador (CRc) La Ruta 26.17
3 Matt Green (Can) / Hadley Matt (Can) Rocky Mountain / EAsports 1.26.29
4 Danilo Mathez (Swi) / Pierre Berberat (Swi) Frenetic-Volvo 1.52.12
5 Henning Dybendal (Nor) / Kristian Torgersen (Nor) Norefjell CK 1.52.21
6 Trev Williams (Can) / Charlie Cooper (Can) Scheffer Andrew Ltd. 1.54.50
7 Angus Jennings (NZl) / Nick Ross (NZl) 100% New Zealand 2.10.40
8 Kelly Servinski (Can) / Hazen Simson (Can) Big Guy little guy 2.25.21
9 Ryan Leech (USA) / Chip Kogelmann (USA) 2.49.16
10 Daniel Sessford (Can) / Jonah Clark (Can) Midnight Sun Coffee 3.06.29

(source: a huge thanks to cycling news and Dan Hudson for pics)

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