Monday, August 20, 2007

Trev the monster and impending IMC sufferfest

Congrats to Trev on another epic ride. The Trans Rockies is a full on international affair, to place within spitting distance of the win is amazing. Podium next year?

This upcoming weekend is IMC, which will bring me to my knees, or perhaps lower. Crazy long work hours the last 6 weeks hit up my training somewhat. Nevertheless, I'm excited to see the whole show as a competitor.

My wife is amped up also- she actually is getting custom shirts made for this .

Kyle M should be a holy terror, at least with a loop course I won't see him on the way home as I get 1 or 2km into the run. Hope to see some of you there, though with about 10000 visitors I expect it will be fairly crowded. Look for the orange t-shirts.



Anonymous said...

Good Luck Matt

Ride Hard Ride Safe

James CrankyMaster

Rob said...

Nice Shirts Matt, good luck, be safe and have fun up there this weekend.

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