Thursday, August 9, 2007

Good Luck Trev at the Trans Rockies

I spoke to Trev today as he was pulling together the uniform for him and his team mate Charlie for the TransRockies and other last minute items.

He looked psyched and ready to take on one of the biggest challenges of his life - the TransRockies!

As he kissed his wife and little girl goodbye, it was obvious he was ready!

Good Luck Trev, we'll be cheering for you!


Rob said...

T-Rev! All the best to you and Charlie. Show them how it's done. I'll be posting any and every update I can get my hands on.

mgodfrey said...

Trev, go tear their legs off!


Anonymous said...

trev and charlie,
go for it you guys! dont let those wanna be elites sit on your wheels drop their arses
ride safe and smart
cheers vik and steve

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