Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mon and Wed night workouts.... should be good.

Monday night's spin's playlist will be covered by Dan Sigioun. Expect it to be hard and awesome.

We will be doing 3 sprints, and then 4 6min big gear intervals.

Wednesday night's spin's playlist will be covered by Alex 'A-Train' Shaw. Expect solid tunes you can turn a big gear for, it should be awesome too.

Anyone that wants to volunteer to make a playlist, that would be great. Everyone has been enjoying the diverse selection we've all been rocking out to.


Anonymous said...

won't be there tonight as I have the flu. Thought I'd let you know I haven't given up.


Trev said...

OK, thanks for the heads up.

You are going to miss some old school Iron Maiden, Slayer, and maybe some Sepultura. Dan is concocting the playlist formula as we speak.


Rob said...

This is going to be awesome.

Rick M said...

Hey Trev,

Great work out last night!!

I'm all set to work on the playlist for Wed Dec 18. My e-mail is


Rick M

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