Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Brother in the Boxing Day 10 Miler

My 53 Year old brother just kicked butt in the boxing day 10 miler back home in Ontario. Proudly wearing the ST Kit (which he got for Xmas) - Chris put a beating on many of the other "old guys" as shown in this photo.
Having taken up Triathlon at the young age of 52, Chris is now well on his way to a having the fitness this year to achieve a sub12 hour Ironman at IMC!
Maybe he can motivate me off this couch.


stevo said...

nice work chris!
wow, i feel like getting in shape too.
any one for a ride on new years day? we could ride to bragg for a coffee, easy of course
westhills starbucks?
ready to ride at 11;20

Kyle Marcotte said...

Hey Steve, I'm in for the ride. Sounds like fun as long as it is easy.

Congrats to Chris!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good.
Weather forecast looks great!


Anonymous said...

Hwy 8 is not the best today - a skiff of snow on the shoulders outside the city limits, inside the city it's just wet and mucky from the salt. I wonder if there's any better place to ride?

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