Saturday, December 1, 2007

Off Season Activity

Early 80's steel frame bike, converted to fixed a few years ago needed a makeover. I stripped the ugly blue paint, sanded the frame, applied 5 coats of rattlecan paint, sanded between coats, about 20 hours of work in total.

Litespeed did an advertising campaign this summer called "mediocrity in motion" where you apply one of their fake "carbonello" logos over your litespeed logo so that you blend in with the multitude of carbon frames on the market - mediocrity. The campaign was a bust but I found a use for the sticker.

Worthy of Fixed Gear Gallery?


Anonymous said...

Very Nice, what's that thing near the top of the front tire with the wire coming out of it?


Trev said...

That is really cool. My 'home painted' white Cervelo looks like garbage compared to that. Nice work.

Those decals look like they came straight from the factory. Awesome.


Rob said...

That is hot Mike. I was considering giving my commuter a similar treatment.

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