Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spin ready for Jan. 7th

Spin goes from Jan. 7th to the end of March. We will be focussing on specific TTing skills in Feb. and March. Spin is going so awesome it's great to come everytime. I love the creative playlists everyone is making and think it adds tons to every workout. Bonnie and Tracey have promised us they will be cooking up an awesome playlist in the new year, and we will have to get on Murray's and Andy's cases as well. James and Celine, and Kim will have to step up soon as well ! You too Mike if you keep coming, which we all hope you do !!

We will have a post up here in the next 2 weeks regarding membership to the team and where and when you have to sign up. We will be offering an awesome amount of radness this year. We hope to host a race, have specific club goal races, and will have an official wicked kit. We will make our presence known at races with an official tent and meeting place, as well as specific team tactics. These tactics will include an instruction of NO FALLING, which I left off last year for Pigeon Lake and I feel stupid for not including it.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.


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