Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crankmaster races

Does anyone know whether we have to get a Crankmaster's secondary license to do their races?

Or, if we have an ABA license, can we just pay the $5 race fee?


Trev said...

Weird, Kyle emailed me the same question last night.

Brad from Cranky's said that you can still pay the $5 if you just want to show up for the TT's, however, it would be much easier for their club if you paid the $35 for the season. Also, this way, you have the option of entering their Wed. night race series which would be great training and I recommend it.

I would say, get the secondary license to support local racing and make it easier for them to keep the great races going. It's a bargain in my opinion.


Dan Sigouin said...


I missed all of the communication about this, what is the details and what do I need to do to make sure that I can take part.


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