Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who's music ?

We had some pretty distinct types of music presented to us over the last 7 months. I think it was awesome having such a diverse array of genres presented to us.

Let's have a poll as to who liked what the most..... vote or comment in the comments
Trev and Dan's Music

Mandy and Kim's Music

Alex's Music

Rick's Music

Rob and Ryan's Music

Sophia's Music


Anonymous said...

Sophia gets my vote, I heard it was awesome.
(ooh did I miss those sessions)

Dan Sigouin said...

Trev and Dan's music for sure, I am already making play lists for next year.

They will be featuring more Megadeth and Iron Maiden next time. And I'll be wearing my concert shirts to the spin classes!

Jason said...

I'm for Trev and Dan!!! Just awesome.

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with Alex's music...
You go Girlfriend!!!!

James "The Crux"

Anonymous said...

I vote Techno

Rod M

Anonymous said...

Really boys, there was no competition. Mandy and Kim's for sure.
It was a good effort on everyone else's part... oh, except for Alex. :)

Anonymous said...

Soothers and glow sticks all the way!!! You go Ryan and Rob.

beats, beats, beats, beats...

Anonymous said...

Mandy and Kim's! Most variety of music... not just Alice in Chains and I heard there was country? Ya, sorry I missed that class.


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