Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cat5 Meeting minutes

A group of our Cat5ers met last Thursday to discuss several things. Here are the minutes to the meeting.

For us to become a dominant force in the peleton we will be focusing on the following points.
1. Riding skills, group rides will be continuous practice sessions of drafting and pacelines. Once everyone is confident with those skills and everyone’s fitness gets as high as Stephen’s, we can than start practicing some basic tactical moves from the pacelines.
2. Purpose of the ride, group rides will be slower pace, specific to aerobic zone training. This will also allow us to practice the skills we need for domination.
3. Skill night, we all thought that it was a great idea to meet one night a week and work on skills for a shorter ride at research park or just past Trev’s house in Royal Oak. We were thinking of meeting in the Walmart parking lot and then riding to the non busy roads near Bearspaw.
4. We also agreed that we would monitor the pace of riders and that for us to be successful we have to ride together and train together. If riders want to challenge the big dog cat 3 and 4 guys then they can, they will not be driving the pace of the cat 5 guys to catch up to them though. There was real discussion on how we would treat the non conforming riders who want to antagonize, I could assume it won’t be pretty!

The guys who attended were Slayer Dan, Stephen Kenney, Carl Miiler, Mark Shand, Mike Godfrey and Mike Chui.

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Relentless said...

Sorry I misssed the first meeting, work. Are we on for next Tuesday?

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