Monday, March 10, 2008

Cat 5 Skill Ride Number 1

Everyone, Tuesday night will be the first CAT 5 ride. We will be leaving from the Walmart in Royal Oak and heading towards Bearspaw and maybe Road 564. We are going to work on some of the skills that we discussed in the meeting last week. Tomorrow's focus will be on drafting and riding in a pace line. 

Departure Time is 7:05 pm at the latest, I am unable to check the blog site during the day due to NetNanny (that cow!) Everyone else is welcome to join, the pace of the ride will be aerobic so that we can concentrate on skill development not ego embellishment.

My work email is if you need to get more information.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you there.

Slayer Dan


Carl Miiller said...

I'm in.


Mike "Chewy" said...

Sorry, had to sub-in for a Kronos' running practice tonight.

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