Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cat 5 Team Ride #2 Tonight


Tonight is the scheduled second ride for us. Last week we had some tough wind and reduced light. We were able to leave the parking lot at Walmart and head towards Burma Road then road west to Woodland road and headed home on the 1A. If there are no objections we could do the same tonight.

Please leave a comment or email Dan if you are able to attend, the plan is to leave the lot by 7:05pm and get a good hour in of drafting practice and some pace line riding.



Rob said...

Hey Gang, ride safe! I can't make tonite, gotta work. :(

Carl Miiller said...

I can't make tonight and will miss the next couple rides while on vacation. We'll see you on the April 8th ride.

If anyone wants to ride as a pack from downtown tonight to Tuscany E-mail me @ miiller@duvernayoil.com


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