Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dan's Barbeque

Hey everyone,

Some details regarding the barbeque. I was thinking about having a theme for the event. To celebrate the summer of mega concerts and good racing, I was thinking that everyone should wear really cool concert shirts, wife beaters or ripped jeans. I'm kidding. I am pretty excited that I am going to see Megadeth and Iron Maiden within a month of each other though!

Menu is to be burgers and smokies, I will have salads and all the fixings. some chips and other snack stuff as well.

My address is 33 Arbour Stone Rise NW, phone is 366-6119. I'm not as savy with the computer so I wasn't able to put a map in here, and my wife is nagging me to help with breakfast!

Everyone is invited and bring your kids. If you have any special diet requirements please let me know in advance. The night is still April 5th and start coming at 4:30-5:00.


Slayer Dan

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