Sunday, August 3, 2008

Great little article that says a lot.

I consider rowing to be one of the 'tougher' guy sports. It requires finesse and grace while exterting extreme power under ultimate distress. This article from CBC is a rare glimpse into the mind of an Olympian, and an even rarer occurance in a mass-media environment, as its words would be lost on 99% of the population. Definately worth reading and taking something away. Remember, mentally 'being there', and embracing/enjoying the discomfort is a lot more of the race than most believe.

This is a great paragraph from the article linked below:

"When I unavoidably return to my mind, I have an imaginary switch installed in the back of my head that instantly changes mindset. I flick it and I am no longer tired or negative. I feel empowered. I also have many mantras that I will repeat to myself to keep positive and attacking. I will say phrases like: “I am strong” or “Yes, Yes, Yes” over and over again."

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