Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who's in for our next set of races.

Leave a comment what races you are doing and I will update the list.

Road Provincials:
Cat5: Rob W., Andy H., Mark S., Rui
Cat4: Mike G., Rob L. , Lachlan
Cat3: A-Train
Cat2: Trev, Jared
Women: Sandra

ST 16km ITT: Sept. 6th:
Trev, A-Train, Stephen K, Sandra, Andy H., Rob L., Carl M., Mark S., Jared, Kyle, Lachlan, Mike G., Slayer Dan, Paul C., and ??

ST Provincials 45km TTT: Sept. 6th:
Team 1: A-Train, Kyle, Jared, Trev, Stephen K, Rob W.

Masters Provincials: Sept 7th:
Trev, Sandra, and ??

Provincial HillClimb ITT: Sept 14th:
Sandra, Alex, Trev, Andy H., Mike G., Stephen K., and Carl M., Mark S., Steve G., and ??


Lockie said...

I'm in for RR provicials. Don't know what I can make yet, if anything, on the 6th because of a wedding to attend in Banff.

Kyle Marcotte said...

Sorry... I'm not going to be able to make provincials.

Rob said...

Hey Team.

I will see you at the RR and the Team TT.


MarkS, Rui can you guys back me up for the RR?

polishbaba said...

I am going to do Road Provincials, ITT, Hill climb and master provincials


Andy Hill said...

I'm in for the ITT, RR (Provincials & Masters) and hill climb.

mgodfrey said...

Trev, I am going to do the Prov RR, the Norquay Hill Climb and debating on Prov Masters. I won't be able to do the TTT as I have a wedding in Canmore that afternoon/evening

Relentless said...

I am going to try and make the team TT, however my legs will be rat bagged as I will becoming right out of the mountains that day. I anticipate great suffering.

I'm out for road provinvails as I'm out of town and a strong maybe for maters provincials.

I'm in for the hill climb


Carl Miiller said...

I'm in for the ITT and Hill Climb. Let me know if you need a sacrificial lamb for the RR.


RobLukacs said...

I'm in for Road Provincials and the TTT for sure. I can also add to the Speed Theory list of ITT riders. Might as well suffer some more! Should be a great time

Anonymous said...

I am out for the TTT - Muskoka 70.3 that day.

Paul C.

Mark said...

I am in for the Prov RR, ITT, TTT and Hill climb.

Was there something to volunteer for coming up?

Jared Green said...

I am signed up for provincial RR.

I am also in for the ITT and the TTT. I am probably a no-go for Masters (Nyah's 1st b-day).

Paul C. Muskoka is the weekend after the TTT. (Muskoka is Sep 14, TTT is Sep 6). I will be out there cheering on Tanya and taking pictures.

Anonymous said...

i am in no shape for any group racenor do i want to hurt myself again
i am just in for the hill climb

Rui said...

Hey guys,

I'm in for the RR provincials. That is the only race I can confirm at this point.

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