Monday, August 11, 2008

Trans Rockies: Stage 1

Stage One of the Trans Rockies wrapped up Sunday delivering on the 2008 theme: Epic.

Riders were treated to all forms of precipitation as the race started in Panorama and looped down to the scenic K2 Ranch. While that route sounds easy enough the reality was something else, something much harsher. Day 1's ascent topped out at 2500m and had riders tackling a literal wall on the course before the technical descents into the Windemere valley.

How did our intrepid racers fair? Trev and Charlie weathered the storm in the open men's category and finished in 11th at 42 minutes back* while Dan and Dennis finished 13th in the 80+ men's category at 50 minutes back. Knowing how the conditions can be these performances are excellent and hats off to both teams.

Some new info, see link below, apparently the stage 1 weather was unreal with the temp dropping to near freezing at the midpoint in the race. It can get pretty hairy trying to operate brakes and maintain your balance on a tricky decent when you're cold. It's a testament to the toughness of Trev, Charlie, Dan and Dennis to see them finishing strong.

Some more coverage here.

* Since most of us are roadies and/or triathletes 42 minutes back seems insurmountable. In MTB stage races, 42 minutes is the rough equivalent of 3 minutes in a road race. If you have a bad mechanical it can take hours to get help or to the finish. Given the massed start and the likelyhood of no seeding Trev, Charlie, Dan and Dennis likely spent the first half of the race getting around people in front of them. Never fear, our guys are in great shape. Best of luck on stage two!


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