Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trans Rockies: Stage 2

Stage 2 of the TR Challenge was a long day in the saddle for all riders. Especially the top ranked speedsters who missed the course markings and trudged up an avalanche chute. Such is life at the TransRockies, we can only hope Trev, Charlie, Dan and Dennis dodged this particular bullet but at press time no confirmation was available.

Results are excellent for Trev and Charlie who finished 10th at 7 minutes and change back from the top riders. Consistency is the name of the game for Kimberly Lodging Co team. Dan and Dennis Finished 27th but in a large pack so they should be in a good GC position as well.

GC after Stage 2:
Dan and Dennis as team Maxim Power Corp are 15th in the 80+ Mens (Stellar work boys)
Trev and Charlie as Kimberly Lodging Co are 13th in the Open Men (Also Stellar)

The next stage is a time trial, if you can believe that , we know our guys excel at the race of truth. Best of luck to them on it!


Paul Anderson said...

GREAT reports Rob - keep 'em coming! Without you posts, it is virtually impossible to find the results !

Anxious to hear the TT results for Stage 3!

Anonymous said...

Lynn (Dennis wife) - boys are riding well. Trev & Charlie finished 8th overall after the TT. Dan & Dennis finished 10th in their catagory today and are 11th overall. All 4 of them went up the avalanche chute!

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