Friday, August 15, 2008

TransRockies Stage 5: Consistency

Consistency thy name is TrevCharlieDanDennis. Again, a long day of climbs and descents and our teams finished 10th in their categories.

In the picture to the left is the top open men's team. Today they suffered 5 flats and a broken chain which lead them to surrender a good chunk of the hour-plus lead they had built up. Such is MTB racing, where you must ride unsupported, where you fix your bike.

The GC picture is anything but set with two days of racing left. Maxxim Power Corp(Dan and Dennis) currently at 10th are merely 46 minutes away from 5th spot and slowly closing in on their closest placed rivals. Kimberly Lodging Co (Trev and Charlie) also sit at 10th and are certainly in the hunt to improve their final position in the next two days.

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