Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tour de Bowness

I have only heard bits and pieces of the weekend events.

What I know:
Ryan Murray did awesome on Sat. and Mon. .. How awesome I don't know.
Rob Lukacs did super.... How super I don't know.
Rob Woolley led the pack for several laps in the crit.
Kyle may be the next 'targetted' road racer in Alberta.

Full results here



mgodfrey said...

Update on the Tour de Bow, Ryan Murray was 2nd in the Crit and 3rd overall in the Omnium, in spite of only racing the HC & Crit!

Rob Luckas was 5th overall and is likely upgrading to Cat 4

Lockie is probably sore after a nasty crash in the Cat 4 Crit, lots of road rash, but nothing broken, or so it would appear

I was marshalling the back of the Cat 4 group to make sure there we no surprise attacks coming from the back of the pack,


Lockie said...

Ryan came 3rd in the hill climb and 2nd in the crit. That meant 3rd overall, which is pretty kick-ass considering he didn't even ride in the RR!

Rob Lukacs came an impressive 2nd in the hill climb.

Nice work, boys!!

Kyle Marcotte said...

Jared did a great job helping to control the pack in the crit, allowing the lead pack to get away. Carson Bannon from our sister-team was in the lead pack. Carson had a great weekend finishing 4th in the RR, 3rd in the crit and 2nd in the Cat 1/2 omnium. The crit was very exciting to watch.

RobLukacs said...

...and what else...

we need to get rob w a leash so he doesn't take off like a cannon in the first 2 laps of the crit! he really did do a great job in establishing a fast pace for our cat 5 crit.

lockie posted a 4:06 for the hill climb to finish top 10 in cat 4, finished 5th (i think??) in the RR and wrapped it up with an honorary PhD in suffering when he slammed into the crash pads at lightning speed.

mike g, you did a great job watching the back door of the pack in the crit. no one could have done a better job :)

ryan murray didn't just finish 3rd overall, he also logged 200+ kilometers on the bike before he showed up to the hill climb...no big deal

Anonymous said...

Lockie definitely took one for the team at the crit! The way he was pushing pace, I thought for sure there would be a hole in the crash mat in the shape of Lockie on his bike.

The man's a machine. Ryan M.

Mark said...

Hey ... I was there too. A lot of work to do, but it is going to be fun. The wind and rain made the road race a lot of fun. Thanks for a great weekend guys ... Lockie being white as a ghost after a race and remembering that is normal, Ryan training like a madman for Ironman and then casually coming out to kick ass, the Rob's for joking around. I have some catching up to do.

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