Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blow Street cross

I had a blast contesting the Blow Street Cross race today. My entry wasn't without its controversy...I had to deal with my bike being called a mountain bike, despite it not having suspension or disc-brakes (they said that I needed drops, but I think secretly they were afraid that if I won, I'd make people look bad riding a 25kg beater). I was prepared to argue the point, even though my bike was probably going to sulk after being implied it was "beefy", and it sounded as though they were let me, but a couple of dudes were awesome enough to offer their rides. Austin Miller (bici) offered first, cheers buddy, but Lorie Holte (BowCycle) ended up lending me his, and he found tools to switch his clip-in pedals for my flats (old school, baby!). Lorie, you're a friggen champ!

Despite my plan to get the jump on everybody with my borrowed feather-weight rig and no need to clip in, it didn't quite work that way, and I found myself bringing up the rear pretty much straight away. Negotiating the first hurdle solidified that position. But I managed to make it through the first lap without quitting (although I was tempted!) and moved up to 3rd last, woohoo! I almost made it up to 5th last, then crashed, and hung in there for the remainder to get 4th last. Big thanks to inspiration yelled from track-side by Mike G (Speed Theory), D'arcy (Bici) and Jess (Team Holmes).

All in all, super fun - kinda like crits, but you bleed less when you crash. :)

So I just read that Trev came a solid 9th in the Elite category. Way to go!

Bill Quinney's fine camera work (more here):

[edited by admin] And Erik Bakke's fine camera work:

NOTE: Notice any similarities between Trev and Lachlan's bikes?? Weird eh?

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Trev said...

That is cool those guys offered their bikes.

I finished 5th last, so does that mean I beat you?

Anyway, you won a draw prize and they let me choose it for I got you one of those rapper style touques with the brim... I figured you would be pumped about it, since you probably know a bunch of gang signs.

I crashed twice, to your once.. so does that mean I beat you there too? I must have had a good day !


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