Sunday, October 12, 2008

CycloCross Nationals

The weather was chilly and feet were frozen but I had a blast anyway. I ended up 7th place in the Master Women and battled out most of the race with Carolyn Soules but she got me in the end. The course had a lot of fast flat sections, one area where there were logs and you had to do a run-up, two barriers and a very crazy technical section off camber. To be honest, I really have liked the Calgary courses and really did not like this course as much. I found the Calgary courses more technical, challenging and exciting. This was a roadie course and kind of boring.

On Sunday, in the second race (same course) I ended up 4th and felt better than on Saturday. Part of it was that when I arrived at the venue to look at the National results from the previous day, they had me in last spot and down a lap. They were reluctant to hear my appeal until the winner said noone had been lapped and the riders who were behind me confirmed my story. After that they pulled the officials lap sheet and saw that I in fact did place 7th. It made me race harder as I felt I needed to prove myself. So far, I have yet to be placed properly in the cyclocross races in the race results. It has not bothered me until now as at Nationals I don't think the results should wrong. Expecially when they check your helmet and bike twice to ensure you are completely legal, have a row call and assignment of lanes, and at least 10 officials on the course recording your number on sections of the race course. I raced hard and just want my placing to be accurate at the National level. Sorry for venting!

This coming up weekend is another two races here in Calgary. It will be my last two races. I am eager to race hard to finish things up for the season. Great venue on Saturday at COP!

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Carolyn said...

Hey, Sandra. Good for you for speaking up about the results. You were absolutely right to and deserve to be recognized for how you did. I didn't see the results until I was back home on Sat night and when I did, I thought "WTF I'm sure Sandra was not far behind me in the last lap!" Good job!

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