Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cyclocross Racing so FUN so HARD

I cannot believe it took me until almost my 47th birthday to find this sport called cyclocross. What an absolute blast!! My season started with trying out the Tuesday night races, and basically getting lapped twice by the guys, falling over on steep climbs, figuring out how to mount my bike at high speed, becoming fearless at descents on slippery grass, learning proper tire pressure, and what gears to use. With practise in hand, I spent the last two weekends racing on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, adding to the difficulty and challenge of cyclocross, was a night race. What fun that was! I was scared out of my mind but had my best race yet. I managed not to be lapped and finished up about mid-pack. Each race I have gotten stronger, smarter, and my skills are improving. I have gained lots of confidence over the last week and am geared toward having a great race at Nationals on October 11 in Edmonton.

This is truly the best sport I have ever participated in. Every weekend I am so eager to race and to put myself to the test. If you have not seen this sport, it is an awesome spectator sport as well. If you are eager to try the sport, the Tuesday night races are a great introduction. Hurry though, there are only a few left.

Trevor and Rob raced awesome. Trevor held his own with the Elite guys and Rob was with the Sport men and had his first introduction to the race. He said he had a blast. And of course, I cannot wipe the smile off my face from taking up this sport.

Speed Theorists we need to put on an event next year!!!

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