Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mike G., 4th in the Hill Climb at Huntsman games.

Mike is currently abroad racing like crazy. Here is his race report from the first day (yesterday), today is the TT.
Here is a link to 2 pictures he took of the area.
It is hard to describe how beautiful this place is, imagine someone dropped a town in the middle of the Grand Canyon. The 1st picture is the view as you hit the finish line for the TT, the second is looking down the middle section of the hill climb. I just finished my 1st race, ended up 4th in my category. The guy who won is one of the guys I raced against in BC when I was on holidays. He beat the old course record by almost 2 minutes! I was a minute off the old record, 25 seconds out of 3rd and about a minute up on 5th. Tomorrow is the TT which is my focus race. I held back a bit today, as in didn't bury myself as I want to have some legs for tomorrow. Mind you I thinkTrev might just have been at the side of the course, about 1/2 up just after I passed my minute man a guy said "Go for something speci al today" now if that doesn't get you jacked (at least for a minute) Michael

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