Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wicked Dry Ride-new team contest

Well Trev,

I too had an awesome ride. Not like you guys braving the cold, I was in my warm basement watching Raw Deal. A 1985 Arnold Schwarzenneger bust them up classic.

It's not like watching the Tour ripping up the Alpe Duez, it will do though.

Maybe that should be the start of the next contest for the team. The "Best Ever Movie to Spin To!"

You get one vote and after all the talleys, we should have to watch that movie at someone's house. No rules apply so it can be Disney, George Lucas, biography, whatever.

Any takers? Post if you got some comments.

Slayer Dan


Lockie said...

I've watched a total of 20 minutes of tv from my trainer - I just can't concentrate on working. But I'd be up for a group spin/movie to whatever movie wins the contest. Sounds like Raw Deal is going to win unchallenged, so far!

Trev said...

Moulin Rouge.

It's rad and you can sing along.

Anonymous said...


Lance said...

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

You, Me and Dupree

there's a theme can you guess...


A-Train said...

There is only one trainer movie:

Days of Thunder!

Rubbing is racing son!

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