Saturday, November 15, 2008


Just got back from the ABA Annual General Meeting. Sounds like it is going to be another exciting year of racing.

Two things of note I need to address:

1.) The biggest thing as usual is insurance. I need to get our club registration into the ABA before Jan. 1st 2009 so our club is 'in' for 2009 and our MEMBERS are insured for training.

2.) This means that you are NOT insured past Dec. 31st 2008 unless you are a registered 2009 member of ST Cycling. So if you haven't joined up, please do so soon, so I don't have to remember to hound you over Christmas holidays.

Insurance sucks in general and Jay used to always lament how it was killing the cool aspects of amateur sport and I agree with him. So I will try to keep it out of an 'issue' for our club by ensuring to keep us 'covered' as a club, and as long as you guys ensure to stay current as club members, we shouldn't have to think about it.

This particular insurance has nothing to do with your racing license. This is the $35 insurance fee that the club pays per member every year (outlined in the Karelo race reg. package). This covers you should you happen to have an incident while training.

So please sign up as a 2009 member at your earliest convienience.

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