Friday, November 28, 2008

SpeedTheory Cycling AGM Dec 10th, 8:30pm, 2008.

OK, the date is set for Dec. 10th at the Bugaboo Creek Pub (right beside SpeedTheory) at 8:30pm. We will keep it short but I would really like most members to come, so it encourages the new people trying us out. We are going to have it directly after spin class, so we'll make this spin open to everyone.

If you are not part of SpeedTheory but would like to be, or would like to meet our members and find out more about the club... THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY !! Please come out.

Please encourage new riders to come give racing a try. We want another solid group of Cat5 racers like we had in 2008, that was super fun.

The club will pay for the first round of drinks for all who show up.

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RobLukacs said... Dan, Hans and Franz all get their own free drink?

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