Monday, November 24, 2008

Date set for JayLap Memorial Bike Fest Weekend.

The ABA is being super proactive with forming the 2009 race calendar, which is awesome. I am a big fan of the ABA in its current configuration and look forward to this years hammering.

I would have really liked the dates to be July18/19 weekend, since this would have been the 3rd year anniversary many of us lost a great friend, however, the ABA felt they wanted to spread out the races a bit more and apparently there are already several big races in July scheduled.

Therefore we settled for Aug. 22/23 as people should be performing a late season peak for us, and a big stage race planned the following weekend.

Therefore, we announce:

Aug. 22nd, morning: Jason Lapierre Memorial Provincial ITT Championships.
Aug. 22nd, evening: Jason Lapierre Memorial Criterium and BBQ.
Aug. 23rd, morning: Jason Lapierre Memorial Provincial TTT Championships.

This is great news for our club and for the event. We want to establish this event as one of the premiere events in cycling for Alberta. The TTT Championships will be modified to teams of 4 with 3 finishers timed. This will encourage better participation.

We are in the process of determining a good Criterium route. I have found several good candidates, however, I am 'all ears' if you have a venue that would rock and accomodate great spectatorability and BBQability. It needs to be between 800m and 2km long.

From what I have heard through the grapevine, this is going to be a good year of racing. I am excited.

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