Thursday, November 6, 2008


Great long and hard spin last night. Great turnout. As expected, as soon as the snow flies, the room fills up!

Monday, Nov. 10th spin IS OFFICIALLY ON ! Originally I thought people would be in long weekend mode, but enough people said (actually promised) they would come, that I will be there and ready to hammer.

Monday's spin will be very similar to last nights but a little shorter.

Rui is providing the tunes for Monday.

Anybody volunteer as the DJ for Wed. ??


Anonymous said...

How about DJ Dr.T on Wednesday??

Trev said...

OK, I guess the "Dr." will be in the house, but I thought people were getting sick of Timbaland and Missy Elliot.

That's it... it's all Pantera and Ministry on Wed.

Rui said...

I have pantera taken care of for Monday

Diana said...

Trev, if you want I'll DJ on Weds. but I don't have any Ministry or Pantera. How long does it have to be and how long do you want to have 'warm up' tunes before the harder stuff? Cheers, Diana

Anonymous said...

hey trev do you have the workouts typed out for this past week, if so wondering if you could email them to me so i can catch up at home since work kept me away this
see you monday

Trev said...

Diana, that would be great, thanks for doing that. I usually just say to be easy, 30min of 'warm uppish songs' and then 60min of 'driving beat' songs... but it is not a hard and fast rule. You have lots of creative license.

Amy... sent.


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